Are You caring for Someone Who Has a Long Term Health Condition?

If so, please let us know. We may be able to give you important help and advice.

It will be helpful for the doctor to know that you are a carer as it may affect your own health and treatment.  This Practice has a lead worker for carers.  Please ask if you would like to talk to our Carers Lead.

When you tell us that you are caring for someone we will place your details on our Carers Register so that Practice staff are aware you are a carer.  We will not share this knowledge with anyone else unless you tell us that we can.

We may be able to offer you other services to help you care for your own health.  We will try to help you if your caring responsibilities mean that you have difficulties attending appointments.

If you are giving regular and substantial help to a person that you care for, you may be entitled to a Social Services Carers assessment.  The assessment gives you advice and information.  You and the person that you care for may be entitled to practical help and support.

Contact Bournemouth Social Services on 01202 454979 for further advice.

For General Carers Information

Contact NHS Carers Direct on:

0808 802 0202

Or view the website:

Benefits Advice for Carers/Cared


Aged 60+: 0800 991 234


Under 60: 0800 055 6688

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