What to have in your medicine cabinet:

    • Paracetamol and aspirin (under 16 and asthma sufferers should not take aspirin)
    • Mild laxatives
    • Anti-diarrhoeal medicines
    • Rehydration mixture
    • Indigestion remedy (for example, antacids
    • Sunscreen – SPF15 or higher
    • Sunburn treatment (for example, calamine)
    • Tweezers and sharp scissors
    • A thermometer
    • A selection of plasters, non-absorbent cotton wool, elastic bandages and dressings.

Please also remember:

    • Keep the medicine chest in a secure, locked place out of reach of small children
    • Always read the instructions
    • Use the suggested dose
    • Watch expiry dates
    • Don’t keep/use medicines past their sell-by date
    • Take all unwanted and out-of-date medicines back to the pharmacy
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