Dr Elhanafy is no longer at the Surgery

Dr Elhanafy has left Beaufort Road Surgery. We are actively recruiting for a new GP Partner who will take on Dr Elhanafy’s Patient List. In the meantime patients can make appointments to see any of the other GPs at the Practice.

Out of Hours Appointments

More out of hours primary care appointments available Primary Care appointments in Dorset are now available between 8:00am and 8:00pm seven days a week, including Bank Holidays. Appointments can be booked either by your local practice or by the 24/7 urgent care number 111. When you call 111 you will be assessed by a member […]

Improved Access to General Practice Services

To help improve access to appointments for our patients, in particular during evenings and at weekends, you may be offered an appointment at the Urgent Treatment Centre at Royal Bournemouth Hospital. If you would like one of these appointments, please speak to reception who can arrange this for you. It may be necessary for us […]