Non NHS Medical Examinations

Some services are not covered by the NHS and a charge will be made in line with the BMA scale of fees. These include medical examinations e.g.:

  • HGV licence
  • Employment medicals
  • Driving insurance etc

as well as certain certificates e.g.:

  • Private insurance claims
  • Private sick notes
  • Holiday cancellations etc

Travel Clinic

The Practice Nurse can advise on vaccination requirements for patients travelling abroad and give vaccinations as required. In order that your vaccinations have time to take effect before your holiday, it is important to arrange to have them at least two months before you travel.

Useful Sites for Travel Information

Obtain up-to-date information from these useful sites:

Bournemouth Health Information Shop

The Bournemouth Health Information Shop, open between 10:00am – 6:00pm Tuesday – Saturday

Is based in Asda Superstore, St Paul’s Road, Bournemouth BH8 8DL and provides the following information:

  • Information about NHS Services and referral to other local organisations such as Social Services.
  • Someone to listen and respond to concerns, suggestions or queries.
  • Help in sorting out problems.
  • Access to information regarding health lifestyles, such as the ‘Health Network’.
  • Specialist advice (e.g. for older people)