Self Care:

The best choice for minor illnesses:

NHS 111:

    • For urgent medical needs that ARE NOT life threatening
    • They offer advice on treatments for various injuries, allergies, general health, bleeding, dental issues, head and neck injuries and sexual health
    • They can refer you to the nearest health service


    • Talk in confidence, without appointments
    • Offer advice on minor ailments such as coughs and colds, earache, skin rashes and sore throats
    • They can provide services such as Chlamydia testing, emergency contraception and stop smoking services


    • When illnesses aren’t responding to self care or advice from your pharmacists call your GP surgery
    • Visit when you are suffering from a persistent illness
    • When you have a ‘flare-up‘ of a long standing illness
    • When you are in need of any vaccinations

A&E / 999

For emergencies that are critical or life threatening such as:

    • loss of consciousness
    • persistent severe chest pain
    • acute confused state and fits that are not stopping
    • severe bleeding that cannot be stopped

Visit A&E or call 999

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