When the National Health Service began in 1948 Doctors generally worked from their own homes as single-handed Practitioners.  This was the case in Bournemouth. However, as time went on, the increasing demands of the NHS on Doctors’ time caused some Doctors to think about pooling their resources.

The nucleus of our present Practice began in 1965 when Drs Wood, Morgan and Beck formed the first group Practice in Southbourne.  They worked from two premises, Beresford Road and Church Road.

By 1968 Dr Sorapure and Dr Williams had joined the Practice. Following the retirement of Dr Woods and Dr Morgan, Dr Waters and Dr Gregory were appointed.

The Surgery on the present site at Beaufort Road opened in February 1985. 

By the year 2000 Drs Sorapure and Beck had retired and were replaced with Dr Leonard, Dr Thurston and Dr Gunson.  After 34 years in the Practice, Dr Williams retired in 2002.  A temporary partner was taken on for six months until Dr El Kholy joined the Practice.  However, Dr El Kholy left the Practice at the end of October 2004 and was replaced by Dr Tim Mitchell. 

In 2008 Dr Gunson emigrated to Australia and was replaced by Dr James Reynolds.

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